How it Works

The primary purpose of the HEALinc Health Innovation Incubator is to improve health and well-being in the Caribbean region and the Americas by:

  • Introducing outside-the-box concepts to hospitals and healthcare centres; empowering ‘Healthcare Creatives’ as through the implementation of exponential technologies.
  • Curating an ecosystem that unearths ‘Healthcare Creatives’ and providing them the tools needed to convert their ’passion projects’ to paradigm shifting health innovations.
  • Creating new knowledge about ‘precision health’ and developing ‘direct-to-patient’ people-centered health innovations that encourage self-efficacy and well-being.

We believe that ’Healthcare Creatives’ can come from anywhere. They need not be healthcare professionals. That’s why our core values and guiding principles for achieving our primary purpose focus on:

  • Mentoring mentors & leaders
  • Equity, diversity & inclusion, and
  • High quality execution for maximum social impact.