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About Us


At The HEALinc, we know you want to take control of your health. In order to do that, you need to be connected to resources that promote longevity and wellbeing through regenerative therapies and creative healing products.

The problem is, it’s hard to find all of that in one place – which makes you feel frustrated and like you don’t know where to start.

We believe it’s wrong for you to feel like this. You deserve therapies that rejuvenate your mind and body. And you need unique, creative healing products that promote whole-person health and aid you on your journey to optimal wellness.

Our HEALinc Summits educate on scientific breakthroughs in the longevity and regenerative health spaces. HEALinc360 connects you with ongoing resources that promote wellbeing. ArtRegen provides you with great art that achieves status, uniqueness, and self-actualization. Bridging-The-Future allows you to leave a powerful legacy through mentorship of future health leaders. Becoming a HEALinc Affiliate connects you with a community of like-minded individuals committed to taking control of their health and taking charge of their future.


Empowering you to take control of your health, your wellbeing, and your future.

Accelerating your access to effective and affordable regenerative medicine products so you can achieve better health outcomes.

Breaking down barriers to self-efficacy so you are inspired to act the decisions you make for your health and your future.



The HEALinc Future Health Summits


Founded by Dr. Desirée Cox (MD, MPhil, PhD) in 2018, The HEALinc Future Health Summit is a global networking platform that unites scientists, innovators, thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and medical professionals who share one common goal: to empower people to take control of their health and future. HEALinc’s mission is to champion the future of health through the promotion of healthy longevity, quality of life, and safe regenerative therapies.

Our annual 3-day HEALinc Summit connects the dots between the scientific and medical experts, pushes the boundaries of outdated thinking styles and systems, and links patients to resources that promote enhanced quality of life through safe and effective regenerative therapies.

Our 2023 Summit will be held from April 17th -19th at the Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island, The Bahamas. You can join the 350+ in-person attendees,

or you attend via livestream as a virtual attendee.

The 2023 HEALinc Summit will feature 40+ speakers whose presentation topics range from the science of healthy longevity, mitigating trauma and stress, and accelerating access to cutting-edge, integrative regenerative medicines in and outside of the US to psychedelics for mind-body rejuvenation and cultivating a global future health workforce.

Visit to review our exciting program and register for the Summit in-person while spaces are available. You can also book your accommodation and take advantage of our excellent block booking rates at the Atlantis Resort once you are registered for the Summit.

HEALinc Bridging-The-Future


Our HEALinc Bridging-the-Future (HEALinc BTF) program focuses on Networking, Exposure, Training and Opportunity for the top 100 STEM students in the Bahamas and the Caribbean (ages 10 – 17). The HEALinc BTF program is sponsored by our Visionary Platinum Sponsor (Doctors Hospital Healthcare System (DHHS)) and Albany (Windsor School).


The HEALinc BTF program runs as a parallel program throughout the main conference. The program has been part of the conference since the inaugural HEALinc Summit in 2018, and it has remained one of the unique selling points of the Summit. For certain key sessions (such as the Day 1 public lecture), these future STEM rockstars are immersed in the main adult Summit where they interact with conference delegates (scientists, healthcare providers, investors, and public policy experts) and posit questions to Summit Speakers during the Q&A and panel sessions.


The HEALinc Bridging-the-Future Program is directed by Mr. Crachad Laing and covers:​

  • Design Thinking Methodology

  • Programmable Devices and Systems (Electronics & Robotics)

  • 3D Modelling, Design and Animation

  • Rapid Prototyping (Additive and Subtractive Manufacturing)

  • Lean Manufacturing

  • Software Development




Your life is more meaningful with transformative art. You deserve art that’s good for your soul and shows everyone who you are. At ArtRegen, we create art that lifts your spirit and inspires you to live your best life. For the past 15 years, Dr. Desirée Cox has been painting regenerative art, some of which is hanging next to an original Picasso. Dr. Desirée’s art operates on three unique levels – abstract, object, and motion. These three levels function together to center you and help you become more present and engaged. They allow you to form a deeper emotional and regenerative connection to your painting.

We’ve helped countless professionals transform their lives with art that lowers your blood pressure, lifts your spirits, and births great conversation. View Current Inventory or Book A Consultation with our ArtRegen team.




We promote the ideal of “learning for life” to help you take control of your health.

Don’t you just hate when the information you need to improve your wellbeing is too technical, scientific, or theoretical to be useful to you in your life?

We get it. When it comes to your health and wellbeing, you need ‘actionable intel.’ The problem is, there’s so much information out there flooding your inbox. It’s hard to know who to trust and what information to act on. That’s why we created HEALinc360™. We believe that learning about how to live better and longer can transform your mind – and the body always follows the mind.

HEALinc360™ connects the dots between information and action with the


digital informational products you need to act on everything that inspired you at our HEALinc Summits.

Stay tune for our HEALinc360™  launch in October 2023.

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