Health Re-created

We are the Y Combinator for the Caribbean and the Future-Health Innovation Testing Laboratory for the world.

Everything in healthcare is moving faster and smarter. Except in the Caribbean and Caribbean diaspora communities.

The Caribbean Region and Latin America have one of the highest prevalences of chronic non-communicable disease (cNCDs). Innovators in Caribbean and diaspora communities who are motivated to solve this grand challenge often do not have access to the communities they want to serve. We want to help entrepreneurs, innovators and leaders from local, regional and diaspora communities access the resources they need to improve the health and well-being of people in the Caribbean and the Americas.

Creativity. Self-efficacy.
Precision Health. Creating the Future for Everyone Now!

Creativity is essential for health and well-being. It takes extraordinary people and outside-the-box thinking to create the future of health. We integrate crowd-collaboration and accelerating technologies to address the challenges of health and healthcare.

Instead of incubating individual ‘passion projects’ what if we created a movement of 1 billion Healthcare Creatives by 2028.

Imagine the impact of activating 1 billion ‘Healthcare Creatives’ – people who are inspired and empowered to apply their imagination to re-creating health. Imagine what could be achieved by providing these pioneers with the education and global resources they need to bring paradigm-shifting ideas to life in the Caribbean and the Americas.

We’re building a platform that empowers and enables communities to re-invent the meaning of health and well-being.

We will leverage global resources and the collective knowledge and assets of the Caribbean region and the Americas to realize new business opportunities in the healthcare space; and, to make paradigm-shifting ideas for health and well-being, a reality.